Hot Morning LoFi | First beat in 10 years

Here’s my first track in nearly ten years! This one is inspired by the feeling of a good cup of coffee just after waking up in the morning when the day is still young and fresh. Hope that tastes as good for you as my hot cup does for me.

This Lofi beat have a nostalgic vibe to it with an heavenly guitar, a mighty wurlitzer and a saxophone buildup.

Track’s backstory

Well well, it’s been a ride… I launched my company a little bit more than 10 years ago and stopped making beats and music along the way. I had to make some choices regarding my hobbies and music was unfortunately one of them. I nearly crashed my business those last few months and managed to open the door to a new chapter along the way. I’m getting my life back on tracks since then… and decided to get back to beatmaking. My tastes evolved quite a bit this past decade. I litteraly went from EDM to… cinematic, ambient, chillhop and lofi. And, here I am.

I’m hoping this track is the first one of a long serie. Live long and prosper. All the best!


Photo by Quasi Misha from Unsplash